AMCI Services

T H E  S E R V I C E S


American Marine & Cargo Inc. have over two decades of extensive marine industry experience and a wide range of maritime expertise. American Marine & Cargo Inc. continues to serve as a marine survey and consulting firm that inspects and surveys ships to assess and report on their condition and that of the cargo on board. AMCI might be called to assess vessels or to survey structural damage if any after an accident


  • Pre-loading survey
  • Draft survey
  • On-hire / Off-hire hold condition survey
  • On-hire / Off-hire bunker survey
  • Bunker quantity survey
  • Bunker delivery and sampling survey
  • Cargo hold cleanness inspection for loading cargo
  • Loss/damages survey
  • Lashing / stowage survey
  • Cargo weighing/tallying, sampling
  • Unstufffing/stuffing
  • General commodities quantity/quality
  • Measurement survey
  • Supervision of loading/discharge of heavy lifts
  • Ware house inspection
  • Stock inspection
  • Quantity survey and sampling on liquid ship
  • Shore tank quantity survey and sampling
  • Pre-shipment inspection of cargo
  • Insurance, Loss and damages survey
  • Lashing / stowage survey
  • Vessel pre purchase inspection
  • Port captaincy
  • Cargo lifting gear and other equipment survey

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American Marine and Cargo Inc. has been offering you a wide range of services. We have surveyors to attend the ship 24/ 7 on any day of the year.
Insurance, Loss and damages survey

As Loss adjusters we investigate complex or contentious claims on behalf of underwriters. We investigate the scene of an incident, establish the causes of the ‘loss’ (damage or destruction of property) and whether it is covered by the insurance policy. Claims could be caused by a wide range of incidents including collision, grounding flood, accident, fire, theft or fraud. Our professional team is skilled in surveying and all aspects of loss adjusting and Loss Prevention.

Draft Survey

Draft surveys to determine the weight of cargo loaded and discharged to provide the quantity that determines how much both the buyer and seller have to pay each other in addition to the correct amount of freight charged by shipping lines, which is based on tonnage carried

Port Captaincy

Our surveyors are well experienced in handling all types of cargoes ranging from RoRo, Containers to break bulk.

Pre-purchase Inspection

AMCI undertakes vessel pre purchase inspection on behalf of ship owners, ship managers, banks and P & I clubs
Our inspection reports present a detailed analysis of the “as sighted” condition of the hull and machinery of the vessel and extracts of onboard maintenance. In addition we also present the client with likely repairs, upgrades, renewal, and details of areas that may be of concern.

Pre-loading survey

Pre-loading survey is the first step of shipment survey method on loading in shipping with target to determine the “limits of liability” of the concerned parties regarding to cargo condition. Before loading, the condition of cargo must be passed out the survey to identify its nature & apparent actual condition in detail and packages known as Pre-loading survey.

Hold condition survey

The holds condition survey is conducted to be confirmed that the cargo holds condition before loading, determining whether the holds are ready to load the nominated cargo or not. After having survey report generally cargo load to the ship.

Bunker Survey

American Marine and Cargo Inc has been offering Bunker Surveying Services to Charterers, Owners and Ship Operators. The Service includes on hire / off hire bunker quantity, bunker delivery survey and sample collection. We have surveyors to attend the ship 24/ 7 on any day of the year.


Condition Survey

Vessel Condition inspections for charterer, ship Owners and terminals. This includes general overall condition of the vessel at the time of delivery or re-delivery, with emphasis of vessel’s cargo compartment and cargo related items & equipment. Our inspection includes inspection of all accessible areas, including the following:

Hull Condition Cargo equipment Deck equipment Accommodation areas
Navigation equipment Machinery Deck and Machinery log books